• Evil

    Music promo for Nadine Shah’s Evil 2018 Director: Maxim Kelly Colonel Blimp Role: Good Cop

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  • Homeward

    Homeward follows a few days in the life of Wendy, a homeless teenage girl who attempts to find a new place to stay whilst living in her car. 2017 Director: Jack Blanch Blanc Pictures Role: […]

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  • Penguin Night

    Penguin Night is a comedy drama produced by Link Publishing for the website of a large print and signage industry trade show.  I play Sally, a sales-y signage firm manager infatuated with an ex-colleague and […]

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  • Lose Some, Win Some

    Directed by Doug Rollins, Lose Some, Win Some follows the lives of two women who invite a homeless man to stay with them as a guest. 2011 Director: Doug Rollins Ill Repute Films Role: Natasha […]

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  • A Silent Colour

    A Silent Colour is the quirky and poetic tale of a woman who thinks she is being pursued by a malignant sari and explores her identity struggle as a person of dual heritage. 2007 Director: […]

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