Location: London, United Kingdom
Height: 5’5″ (165cm)
Weight: 7st. 8lb. (48kg)

Accents & Dialects

American-East Coast, American Standard, Cockney, Essex, Estuary English, Lancashire, Liverpool, London, Multicultural London English (MLE), Northern, RP, Scottish-Standard


Guitar, Ballet, Tap
ADR-Additional Dialogue Recording, Autocue experienced, Comedy, Green Screen, Improvisation, Juggling, Motion Capture, Physical Theatre
Voiceover Professional (own studio)


Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts
Shapes in Motion, Movement for Motion Capture and Creature Performance
Pants on Fire Theatre Company, Physical Theatre



2018 Laila THE SMELL OF PETROL Red Marked Films Branko Tomovic
2017 Counsellor HOMEWARD Blanc Pictures Jack Blanch
2015 Third Witch in William Davenant’s Macbeth RESTORATION THEATRE AV EXHIBIT, NATIONAL MARITIME MUSEUM Centre Screen Productions Jon Pegler
2015 Sally PENGUIN NIGHT Link Publishing Sascha May
2013 Miss Haverfordwest NOIRISH PROJECT James Devereaux
2012 Chav Talk Show Guest SHRINKING VIOLET Thorny Devil Productions James Card
2010 Natasha LOSE SOME, WIN SOME Ill Repute Films Doug Rollins
2007 Carla A SILENT COLOUR Frame on Frame Claire Barker

Video Game

2019 Video Game Narrator STYX (WORKING TITLE) OMUK Mark Estdale
2018 Video Game Narrator SPHYNX (WORKING TITLE) OMUK Victoria Prentice
2017 VR Game Narrator VR GAME DEMO OMUK Victoria Prentice
2017 Video Game Han/Mody/Various DIVINITY: ORIGINAL SIN 2 Larian Studios/Pitstop Productions Josh Weeden
2015 Video Game Female Rogue/Grutilda/Various DIVINITY ORIGINAL SIN ENHANCED EDITION Larian Studios/Pitstop Productions Alex Otterlei
2015 Video Game Trine TRINE 3: THE ARTIFACTS OF POWER OMUK Mark Estdale


2017 Live Event Queen Elizabeth I/Solange/Various KYNREN: AN EPIC TALE OF ENGLAND Eleven Arches Steve Boyd
2017 ADR English & American Voices THE HITMAN’S BODYGUARD Pinewood Group/Shepperton Studios
2016 Audio Play Klara Rittenau SIGMUND FREUD Bastei/OMUK Douglas Welbat
2016 Audio Play Nurse JOHN SINCLAIR Bastei/OMUK Douglas Welbat
2016 Audiobook Narrator LIME STREET AT TWO BY HELEN FORRESTER AUDIOBOOK Rushforth Media for Audible Ben Carpenter
2016 Audiobook Narrator BY THE WATERS OF LIVERPOOL BY HELEN FORRESTER AUDIOBOOK Rushforth Media for Audible Ben Carpenter
2016 Audiobook Narrator LIVERPOOL MISS BY HELEN FORRESTER AUDIOBOOK Rushforth Media for Audible Ben Carpenter
2016 Audiobook Narrator TWOPENCE TO CROSS THE MERSEY BY HELEN FORRESTER Rushforth Media for Audible Ben Carpenter
2016 Corporate Video Voiceover GILEAD G-­VISION TRAINING VIDEO Lasso Media Steve Richie
2016 TV Commercial Voiceover INCOGNITO TV COMMERCIAL Less Mosquito/Billy Payn Billy Payn
2015 Audiobook Narrator CILLA: 1943-2015 BY DOUGLAS THOMPSON AUDIO BOOK Rushforth Media for Audible Ben Carpenter
2013 Internet Voiceover NETMONEY CONNECT Haynes Music


2012 Selina/Jackie/Emily/Oscar IS ANYTHING BROKEN? Player-Playwrights/Tristan Bates Theatre Maja Milatovic-Ovadia
2012 Christine 55 M. SQ REDFest/Old Red Lion Zoe Sharp
2009 Jo/Claire FEELING GOOD Wooden Hill Theatre Company Cally Lawrence
2008 Performer NEWSREVUE NewsRevue/The Canal Cafe Theatre Gemma Whelan

Further Credits

2018 Music Video Good Cop NADINE SHAH: EVIL Maxim Kelly
2017 Educational Films Aby HIGH FIVE! LEVEL 1 & 2 MACMILLAN IBERIA Tom, Dick and Debbie Productions Luke Powell & Evie Godowski
2017 Training Film Linda EQUALITY & DIVERSITY VIDEO magnificent! Des Burkinshaw
2017 Rehearsed Reading Various SITCOM MISSION Sitcom Mission Simon Wright & Declan Hill
2016 Rehearsed Reading Julie ASYLUM MONOLOGUES ice&fire Charlotte George
2010 Commercial Featured Artist HILLARYS BLINDS Ink Films Mark Robinson

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