2016 Year in Review

Now I know what you’re thinking.  She’s blogged a bit more than this, hasn’t she? Well you’d be right, but unfortunately I had a technical malfunction last week and I realised that I hadn’t backed up my site properly.  Well at least I know what my New Year’s resolution will be!

However, without no further ado, here are my 2016 highlights…

The Complete Helen Forrester Memoirs

I was very lucky to narrate Helen Forrester’s epic books set in the Great Depression in Liverpool. Most Scousers know of Helen Forrester, but if you haven’t heard of her before, she wrote four books describing her life after her middle-class father went bankrupt and moved her family to the slums of Liverpool.  They are heartbreaking memoirs and I have to admit the first time I read them, I sobbed my heart out.

You can listen to samples of each book here and they are now available to download on Audible.

Actors for Human Rights

Another highlight was working with ice&fire’s Actors for Human Rights who take verbatim asylum seekers’ stories to anyone who wishes to hear them. I’d wanted to get involved in this particular project for years!  The stories are incredibly powerful and definitely challenge some of the preconceptions we may have about asylum seekers.

Find out more about being an Actor for Human Rights, or about booking a performance here.

incognito® TV Commercial

I was delighted to voice the incognito® TV Commercial earlier this year.  incognito® founder Howard is extremely passionate about his products and it was wonderful to help advertise a product which doesn’t contain methylisothiazolinone or any other nasties.  For those of you that don’t know, methylisothiazolinone was allergen of the year in 2013 and unfortunately I joined a growing number of people who developed a sensitivity to it.

You can watch the Incognito TV Commercial below.

I’ve worked with some truly wonderful people this year so here’s wishing them and you a great Christmas and lets see where this crazy journey takes us in 2017.


Audio Plays for Bastei Entertainment

Last month I recorded my first ever audio plays for Bastei Entertainment and OMUK.  I voiced two characters in John Sinclair – Demon Hunter and Sigmund Freud.  I was lucky enough to be directed by Douglas Welbat who dubbed the voice of the Cookie Monster in Germany!

2015, Cor What a Year!

Its been a while since my last post and in truth, it’s been a busy year.  The year kicked off with me voicing the character Trine in the video game Trine 3:  The Artifacts of Power.  When I got to the studio I was told that this was the first time in the game that Trine speaks so it was a honour to give her/him/it a voice!

January also saw me playing Sally in Link Publishing’s Penguin Night.  Filmed in Bristol in a sign factory, this comedy short was made for a print and signage industry trade show.  Draping myself over a wide format printer whilst filming a romantic dream sequence was definitely one of my amusing career moments to date!

Read more

Jonny Freeman’s Funtime Family-Friendly Impro Show

I’m delighted to be a part of Jonny Freeman’s Family Friendly Impro show on 14th & 15th August at at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe.

Best known as Frank London in CBBC’s MI High, Jonny Freeman has created a show which will be based on audience suggestions, and according to Jonny, its going to be like “Whose Line is it Anyway but without the rude bits”.

The show will be on from 1st – 25th August inclusive at 12pm at St John’s (Venue 202) and its FREE!

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